2001/0172 Ten Point Scam

Ten Point Scam


Cloncurry, Queensland


Ten Point Scam
oil on canvas
231.5 x 178cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Credit line
Purchased through the Contemporary Art Group, Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2001
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Accession Number
Currently not on display


Extended Label

Gordon Hookey is an active member of the Queensland Indigenous artist collective proppanow, widely known for producing art which unapologetically responds to contemporary political issues that impact Indigenous people. Hookey’s Ten Point Scam, 1998 is an example of such work, and responds the Native Title Ammendment Bill which was released on 8 May 1997 and based on the native title ten point plan, from which this work takes it name. A ruling made by the High Court of Australia in the Wik Native Title Case, 1996, allowed for coexistence of both Native Title and pastoral lease on land however the ammended Native Title bill made such coexistence impossible, effectively disabling Native Title claims on pastoral leases, and a wide range of other land tenures. This denial of rights to Indigenous Australians has inspired and will continue to inspire the creation of work of art which confront and challenge sytems of control and structures under which Indigenous people are governed.

Artist statement, c.2000The Australian Government is still under England's influence, and embraces capitalist imperialist ideologies of the United States of America. Australia is not a country or a federation; it's a multinational corporation. The government and its people are so blind with greed they cannot see how their present actions destructively impact on lands they hold in trust for generations to come. Agriculture, mining, pastoralism, primary industry, jobs and money are weak excuses when it comes to the kind of destruction they cause. They're killing our lands; they're still killing our people. My art comes from the passion I feel for my country and my people. Sadly, it also reflects my frustration with the spiritless, small-minded people that ultimately hold power over our lands and our lives. (Hookey in Croft, Beyond the Pale, 2000)

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