2000/0017 animal breath

animal breath


Mundubbera, Queensland


animal breath
powdered pigments, pastel and synthetic polymer paint on canvas
183.0 x 112.0cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Credit line
Gift of the Moët & Chandon Australian Art Foundation Fellows Collection, 2000
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Accession Number
Currently not on display


Extended Label

Judy Watson's career highlights have included winning the prestigious Moet & Chandon Award for 1996 and officially representing Australia at the 1997 Venice Biennale international art exhibition. She has also participated in many residencies and exhibitions in Asia and Europe. Within the contemporary dialogue of intersecting issues and theories, Judy Watson's work is seen as a significant contribution to the discussions of feminism and marginalisation. Her exhibitions in India have found a ready cross-cultural response to her subject of spirituality and the land.

Artist statement, 2017This work was made in my studio in Hautvilliers, France in 1996. It was in a chateau in the grounds of the Dom Perignon Abbey, part of Moet et Chandon. Most days, during my residency, I would go for a walk through the vineyards and sometimes through the forests behind the Abbey. Sometimes I would see deer in the woods. When it was snowing the sound was muffled and I had a heightened awareness of what was behind me, around me. My senses would be stretched, listening for the crunching of snow, animal breath on my back. In Australia, being in my own Country in North West Queensland or in other people's Country, I am very aware of other presences around me when I am walking in those places. When I sit and look and listen, I can hear voices, children laughing, through the sounds of running water. I am not alone.

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