1997/0121 Dear Mr Neville

Dear Mr Neville


Sandra HILL
02 Dec 1951
South Perth, Perth, Western Australia


Dear Mr Neville
solvent transfer print, watercolour, mixed media on paper
79.9 x 99.3 cm (framed)56.9 x 76.5 cm (image)79.1 x 93.5 cm (sheet) (Height x Width x Depth)
Credit line
Purchased 1997
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Accession Number
Currently on display (GALLERY 9 in GALLERY BUILDING)


Artist statement, 1997My work is a way of reclaiming my heritage, of telling my story and that of other Aboriginal people, particularly my tribal clan, the Nyoongars of the south-west of Western Australia. Many of my works are, in a sense, a ‘visual historical essay’ due to the nature of the subject matter. At 6 years old I was taken from my family and fostered by a white family. Twenty-nine years later I was reunited with my mother and father. The years I spent researching my family history, policies and legislation and my Aboriginal heritage have resulted in the artworks I create. Historical documents and archival materials such as the 1905 Aborigines Act, stories and photographs are utilised in my work. Solvent transfer prints, collographs, etchings, watercolour, gouache and collage are the mediums that are most used to create my works. Each work tells a story. The imagery relates to different elements of life as an Aboriginal person. It tells stories about identity, spirituality, shared grief, struggle and the profound sense of loss that has been experienced by many of my people. My work is also about maintaining a sense of dignity, pride and integrity in regard to my culture and it allows the viewing public to have a brief insight into life as an Aboriginal person, both past and present. (Triumph of Spirit: An Aboriginal Experience, 1997)

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