1993/0106 Ngarlu Jukurrpa (Ngarlu Dreaming)

Ngarlu Jukurrpa (Ngarlu Dreaming)


Yuendumu Aboriginal Community


Ngarlu Jukurrpa (Ngarlu Dreaming)
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
280.3 x 397.9cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Credit line
Purchased 1993
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Accession Number
Currently not on display


Extended Label

This intricate and detailed painting centres on a Dreamtime story of forbidden love and the breaking of social rules that dictate relationships between certain classifications of desert people. Ngarlu literally translates as red rock and refers to Country found east of Yuendumu. It was here that a Jungurrayi man called Lintipilinti from the Dreaming lived. Lintipilinti fell in love with a Napangardi woman. This relationship was forbidden within the Warlpiri skin system as the woman was by law, his classificatory mother in-law.Aroused by the woman's beauty Lintipilinti went to Ngarlu and made hair string for the woman. As he did so he sang for the woman and this was carried to her by a little bird. The woman was drawn to Lintipilinti by his song and when the two made love they turned into two land marks that can still be seen at Ngarlu today.Yuendumu Community is located 280 kilometres north west of Alice Spring in the Northern Territory and most of the people on the community speak Warlpiri as their first language.

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