1987/0173 Payarr rockhole

Payarr rockhole


Jimmy PIKE
c 1940
Japingka, south of Fitzroy Crossing, Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia
03 Nov 2002
Derby, Western Australia


Payarr rockhole
screen-print - one colour: black
50.7 x 67.4cm (sheet)32.9 x 42.8cm (image) (Height x Width x Depth)
Credit line
Purchased 1987
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Accession Number
Currently not on display


Artist statementGrandfather and grandson bin living in this place in Dreamtime. Old man sleeping by fire in rock shelter. Young man sleep outside – told ‘this place for old men’. Young man cover himself with sand, build little wall to cover himself. They don’t let him in. They punish him. When this old fella go to sleep, big rain comes in. Young fella wakes up. Grabs that firestick from there, and puts him in another place, hides it under a rockhole. Comes back and finds old man still asleep. He get all the food and take it and get the firestick from the other rockhole. Old man got up and there was nothing – no fire. Looking around and calling out Bu Bu – sound like big bird – he answers. He tracked him right up to Kulijirri, a little waterhole, nearest one. He got a big sandhill. He follows him up to big sandhill. Young man cooking kangaroo, with two dogs. They argue about the fire. The two dogs they grab the old man, they fight him. They kill him right there. He turns into two rocks. He roll down the hill to waterhole named Kulkurr far away. (O'Ferrall, Jimmy Pike - Desert Designs, 1995)

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